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- you don't choose capoeira ...capoeira chooses you-

Welcome ~ Bem Vindos

Academia de Capoeira Mundo is an authentic capoeira group with direct historical links from our teachers, to our Mestre, to the slaves who created this dynamic art and fighting system. Capoeira provides you with health, happiness, music and mastery of your own body. ACM is a Branch of Engenho da Rainha from Rio Brazil. We promise to teach you a unique style of capoeira with honesty , integrity and humility. We are a warm and friendly group and all are welcome to join and participate in this enigmatic art form

Keep Fit, Be Flexible

Capoeira is whatever you want it to be: For the fighter it is a fight, for the dancer its a dance, for the musician its music, for the acrobat its acrobatics, for the lover it is the faithful love and for the seeker its a spiritual journey

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art with its roots firmly in Africa and the African Diaspora. It was developed by slaves over the last 400 years and passed down from teacher to student, often in secret.

Our Style is Contemporary Capoeira

It is not rooted in any of the divisions which exist in capoeira rather our style was developed independently of the capoeira schism by our Mestre Celso and his teacher Mestre Artur Emidio

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The Benefits

Capoeira is a life transforming art which will change your perspective on many things. It can help with

  • Weight loss
  • Depression, anxiety, stress
  • Fitness and stamina
  • Insomnia

Unlike traditional martial arts Capoeira is very much rooted in collectivism and socialising. ACM is part of a wider capoeira community and training although intense and disciplined is always rooted in the concept of Brincadeira - Having fun and playing

Our Students ~ past and present Shamil Aloprado and James Espiao Ninjinho performs a macaco Aloprado and Ninjinho The Cornwall Crew Dynamic Fusion of Capoeira and Yoga Ninjinho and Aloprado Capoeira girls are deadly Stace and Radiya Berimbau Contra Mestre Bicudo

our treinadors (Teachers)

- capoeira is improvisation capoeira is evolution ~ Mestre celso-


Contra Mestre Bicudo

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The son of Mestre Celso, Bicudo has trained Capoeira for over 20 years. His open minded and continuously evolving style rooted in the tradition of Engenho da Rainha is what provides ACM with the strong foundation which we pass on to our alunos (students). For workshops and personal training contact


Shamil Aloprado

Londres UK

Shamil has trained Capoeira with Engenho da Rainha group for ten years and is one of the founders of ACM. His background is in B-boying and house dancing as well as Muay Thai, Gymnastics and Street dance. His apelido (Capoeira name) Aloprado literally means crazy in Portuguese and it's his fusion of authentic Capoeira with Yoga and B-Boy moves which keeps ACM at the forefront of Contemporary Capoeira. Shamil is dedicated to promoting the tradition of Capoeira with a strong focus on ritual and respect for the Mestres


Sunil Ninjinho

Londres UK

Sunil Ninjinho (The Little Ninja) is one of the best students to emerge from Engenho da Rainha group. His energy and teaching style is an inspiration to ACM. He has trained capoeira for over nine years and was graded in Brazil during Mestre Celso's 70th Birthday Anniversary.


Mestre Celso

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Mestre Celso is a student of the legendary Artur Emidio who brought capoeira to Rio de Janeiro. He is one of the most respected mestres in Capoeira and also the oldest mestre still teaching Capoeira in Rio with over 50 years of Capoeira to his name. His unique contemporary style of Capoeira which sits in between the traditional Angola and modern Regional styles is the basis of ACM. Through Mestre Celso and Artur Emidio, ACM can trace it's routes back to the African Slaves who transmitted this fighting art to the world. Mestre Celso grew up in the tough world of Samba which adds his unique dance flair to the ACM style

muito respeito dedicacao e alegria

nossa filosofia



Our dynamic fusion of Capoeira with Sivanandan Yoga is what inspires our stretching and training programs.



Capofit - Capoeira Fitness Circuits are a unique circuit based training regime developed by ACM which will rapidly improve your flexibility and Fitness. Upper body and core conditioning are essential to Capoeira.



Capoeira conditioning is unique training involving slow and controlled Capoeira movements which teach you to be more focused and balanced.

Capoeira will give you a ticket to a new life

- better health ~ Better social life ~ better connection to the beauty of this world-

Treinador Ninjinho

A Liberdade de Expressao

ACM - Capoeira Angola workshop with TOCA

Epic ACM video

ACM Cultural Festival 2013

ACM Ninjinho e Aloprado

ACM presents All Styles Capoeira Roda Feminina

ACM typical training class

ACM typical training class

Capoeira Classes

  • Per Class- £10
  • Students - £8
  • Kids - £7
  • First Month - £30


Monthly Payments

    Adults - £60

    Students / unemployed - £40

    Kids - £40

First Month £30

Annual Membership

  • £600 - two months free

Class Timetable

  • Day Time Class Location Class Format
    Monday 7:45pm - 9:30pm Capoeira & Bateria (Music Class)

    Johmard Community Centre

    65-67 High Street  Colliers Wood London SW19 2JF

    see Map

    Bateria / Capoeira Class / Roda
    Wednesday 7:45pm - 9:30pm Capoeira Technique / Practice / Beginners

    All Saints Centre

     44 All Saints Rd, London SW19 1BX

    see Map

    Bateria / Capoeira Class / Roda
    Thursday 7.45pm - 9.30pm

    Capoeira & Capofit


    Balham Fitness First

     279-291 Balham High Rd, London SW17 7BA

    see Map

    Capofit / Capoeira class / Roda
    Saturday 1.00pm - 2.30pm Capoeira and CapoConditioning

    Balham Leisure Centre

     Elmfield Rd, London SW17 8AN

    see Map

    Capoeira Conditioning and Capoeira Class
  • What if I'm not very flexible?

    ACM have a proven method of increasing your flexibilty. We guarantee if you follow our methods you will see results within three weeks.

    I trained Capoeira before with another group can I still join ACM?

    ACM does not close its doors to anyone and we welcome Capoeiristas who have trained other styles and with other groups. However, as we have a unique and constantly evolving style of Capoeira, you may find many movements or rituals difficult to adapt to but if you are dedicated and sincere you will eventually become a valued member of the ACM family.

    How long will it take me to get good at Capoeira?

    If you are dedicated, ACM can guarantee you will be playing good Capoeira within six months. Capoeira is a lifetime commitment and to become a mestre or teacher it can take years depending on how much you sacrifice for the art.

    What do I wear?

    You can initially wear any type of loose clothing and Plimsoles if you wish. Some people prefer to train barefoot. Eventually you can buy the ACM uniform and many other things from our store.

  • Deals and offers

    ACM dedicated to being honest, fair and giving you value for money.

    • Prices
    • Taster Class (90mins) - £8
    • Regular Class (90mins) - £10
    • Capofit Class- £10
    • Monthly Payments
    • Adults- £60
    • Kids / students / unemployed- £40
    • 6-class Taster - £30
    • Annual payments
    • Adults save £120 - £600
    • Students / Unemployed save £80 - £400
    • Kids save £80 - £400

  • Links and Contacts

    Here's a few useful contacts

Appear as you are be as you appear

Train like you will live forever - play like it's your last day

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Shamil Aloprado tel: 07956 932291
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